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In 2009 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and as is commonly prescribed I was put on Metformin.  This drug caused me extreme stomach issues and I switched to other drugs which for the most part provided marginal results. Diabetes can and will get worse as the years go by and it is very important to understand what is happening to your body. The best way to do this is through constant glucose monitoring. Please note, diabetes is a stealthy condition which may not show you symptoms until it is too late. I have added a graph of monitoring of my glucose on April 26, 2020 using the

FreeStyleLibre monitoring. This graph shows the movements of my blood sugar up until noon time.

To control your blood sugar you MUST KNOW how it is trending throughout the day. You need to understand if the numbers are moving up moving down or moving horizontally. This roadmap will help you understand what your Blood Sugar (BS) is doing and you can easily identify what behaviors are causing these results, and make the necessary adjustments with diet, exercise and medicine dosage. I should warn you do not make adjustments without first consulting your physician. I prefer to use herbs if the graph of my blood sugar movement is moving too fast in a direction I do not like. If it is moving up and I think it is heading too high I use Chromium Picolinate 500 Mcg. Please note this is not a recommendation, I am just sharing my experience.

In my opinion effective management of BS can only be achieved by constant monitoring which is almost impossible to achieve with finger pricks and regular glucose meters. According to information provided on the website of FreeStyleLibre, a provider of continuous glucose monitoring system, highs and lows can go undetected. FreeStyleLibre captures highs and lows and also sideways movement, and make it easy to share your glucose data with your doctor, and family and friends.


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