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Is it safe to say that if you truly understood what put you in this situation in the first place that you may be able to figure out how to get out of it?Instead of trying different combinations of  medications to treat Diabetes, health care professionals should focus more on education as the first line of defense to prevent and treat Diabetes. Knowledge is powerful and without the proper knowledge to treat Diabetes, you may be doomed. 

During my research I have found that there are many natural treatments (without side effects) that have been used to treat Diabetes. Using the right combinations of these proven herbs, along with a strict diet devoid of sugar, and  by adding super doses of enzyme therapy may reverse Diabetes over time. How many people have ever heard of enzyme therapy? my guess is very few. Enzymes especially digestive enzymes are important to the digestive process. In a perfect world we would get all the digestive enzymes we need from the food we eat especially raw foods such as fruits and vegetables. 

Sadly due to overcooking, or food grown in soil which has been depleted of  minerals, we do not get sufficient enzymes from our food; consequently we need to supplement with enzyme supplements.

 I am an independent researcher on Diabetes, and based on the results I have concluded that the current treatment for Diabetes may not be the most efficient treatment available.

Diabetes is on track to reach epidemic proportions worldwide by the year 2020. According to a new analysis conducted by United Health Group's Center for Health Reform and Modernization, more than half of all Americans are at risk for developing Diabetes or Prediabetes by the year 2020 if  current trends continue.

I have uncovered information which could help prevent this disease or reverse it. Traditional approach to treating Diabetes is not working. How many people do you know who have developed Diabetes and have been cured? How many people do you know with Diabetes who can give you an idea why they have this disease? It is safe to say that most people even the ones who have Diabetes have little understanding of this disease.

Please note that enzyme deficiency has been linked to Diabetes. Research data have also shown that many of today's illnesses can be traced to food nutritional  deficiencies. Eating "junk" food, processed foods, and a general poor diet devoid of sufficient fruits and vegetables are recipes for disaster. 

I have spent five years researching alternative treatment for Diabetes. I have compiled information which  I felt is important to put in this book. I also encourage you to do some research on your own and talk to your Doctor before you decide to add any treatments or supplements to your diet especially if you are already on prescription medication. The title of my book is:  Diabetes Can It Be Reversed: What Your Doctor May Not Want to Tell You!!  is a collection of data which will help you take charge of your health, could help you prevent Diabetes or help you reverse it if you are diabetic.  By nature we are designed to eat foods which have the necessary minerals and enzymes to help us digest our meals.Past generations ate healthier fresh foods, sadly after World War II when the can food industry grew because of the need to feed the masses, we started to consume food which has now been called  "dead food," void of essential minerals, consequently the body resources were overtaxed, and we develop diseases.

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